• 10 April 2008 New E-mail Address
    You can now reach me directly on the following e-mail addresses: judy(at)beggarsvelvet.com info(at)beggarsvelvet.com
  • 25 March 2008 The Peek Show Gameshow @ Smash & Grab
    Its the last Thursday of the month once again and time for The Peek Show's monthly appearance at Punk in Soho for Smash and Grab... Try your luck in our GameShow room on the stage from 10pm. "A Question of Spank?' Blindfolds, gropings and a fitting punishment for any incorrect answers! Its a sporting theme this week so get your kit on/off... you decide. Hope to see you there velvetines x
  • 19 March 2008 Beggars Velvet NEW Website!
    Welcome to my new website www.beggarsvelvet.com! I will now be working under the new name of ‘Beggars Velvet’ and this website will officially launch in June 2008 - with testimonials & a shiny new show reel including up to date offerings. For now however, you can sit back and enjoy the beggars velvet blog, which I will update as frequently as possible with current happenings, work, pictures and what not. Judy x